Competition rules

Organizing the competition and exhibiting selected entries necessitate that the copyright holders of the applications and their contents grant certain rights of use with respect to the jurying process and exhibition of the apps, particular the winning entries. The prize winners will be featured in print and electronic media, especially on the AppArtAward website. This presentation of prize winners and their applications will not, however, be so detailed that it can in any way substitute for actually purchasing the app from the particular internet store or app vendor.

We therefore require all participants to consent to the following terms and conditions of use. Participants who are under the age of 18 at the time of entering the competition need to obtain permission from their parents or legal guardian.

The participant grants to the ZKM, as organizer of the AppArtAward completion, non-exclusive rights, free of charge and not restricted to any region, time, or content format, to use the application(s) for the competition and for purposes of presenting the apps as follows:

// 1

The participant permits the organizer to exhibit publicly the application and its contents as well as all its functions (images, sound, film elements).

// 2

Further, the participant permits the organizer to produce descriptions of the applications and their contents and distribute them for non-commercial uses (information, documentation, science, teaching, as well as publicity for the International AppArtAward and its organizers) via all print and electronic media, especially the internet.

// 3

The same is valid for enclosures accompanying the competition entry (e.g., description of the application, curriculum vitae, screenshots and/or photos).

// 4

For purposes of archiving the applications can be stored on any media, as well as databases, and may be accessed for any personal legitimate non-commercial purpose (information, documentation, science, teaching) by the accredited users of the archives.

// 5

The participant agrees to his/her name being announced publicly in the event of them winning an award.

// 6

The participant guarantees that he/she is the copyright holder of the application and its contents at least to the extent laid down in the rules of the competition and that he/she has not entered into any other agreements regarding rights of disposal that affect or preclude the rights of use assigned to the competition organizer under the rules of the competition.

// 7

Eligible to take part in the competition are all natural or legal persons. Employees of the competition organizers, sponsors, and patrons as well as the members of the jury are not eligible to enter the competition. The winners will be contacted by e-mail. If a winner does not contact the organizers within a month after announcement of the award winners, he/she forfeits the prize money.

// 8

The jury’s decisions are final. There is no right of appeal and any recourse to the courts of law is excluded. The organizers reserve the right not to award a prize if too few entries are received or the entries are not of a sufficient standard. Court of jurisdiction, to the extent permitted by applicable law, is Karlsruhe.

Due Date

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