The “app phenomenon” is an incredible success story. The development of smartphones and the applications designed for them has redefined the future of mobility. Smart devices and applications have now advanced to the status of media, and it is very difficult to imagine everyday life without them any more.
Current estimations say that there are around 1,725,000 apps circulating in the world of smartphones and tablets. The explosive growth in apps is structured by many categories, such as “games”, “news”, or “sport”. But although the mobile applications have become the symbol of a global, collective creativity, and although many developments excel in interactivity and intermediality, for which art paved the way, no category of “art” exists on the various app-platforms.

To generate and direct attention to artistic productions in the app format, which is entirely appropriate considering their dynamics and distribution, the ZKM | Karlsruhe, the CyberForum, and their partners organized the first international AppArtAward.

With this award, the three partners want to establish apps as a new form of art.

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